Sunday, September 14, 2014

A Little Bit About Me

Hey everyone, I'm Emily Prisco! I'm a sophomore at Rhode Island College and I'm hoping to be a teacher in Elementary Education, which is the reason I took this class.  I have wanted to become an elementary teacher since I was little so it's somewhat surreal that I'm getting so close in achieving this  goal.  

This past summer was extremely busy! I have been working at a Montessori school for the past three years and had the opportunity to substitute full time in their after school program for the last month of their school year.  I also worked periodically at their summer camp. When I wasn't working at Montessori, I was babysitting for two different families.  It definitely was not a bad summer gig considering I got to spend most of my days at a pool club- although I wasn't necessarily lounging by the pool more like running after a two year old and six year old. But nonetheless it was an awesome job! And whenever I had a free day from working, I always tried to soak up some sun at the beach with my friends!

I'm sad to see summer come to an end but I'm excited for fall and this semester! When I'm not in class I'll most likely be working, babysitting, or at the dance studio!

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